January Product Updates


Noteworthy Enhancements

  • We have added a marketing opt-out toggle on each person to easily opt them out of every current and future marketing campaign.   View Demo
  •  You can now view a report for Absence tracking.   View Demo
  • Changed the Generate Form button for the Certificate of Insurance to say Generate Acord 25 and added a new button that says Generate Acord 25 & 101.  View Demo
  • Added a marketing campaign for insureds who have a payment due and payment past due.  View Demo
  • We have improved the Email/Text interface to improve the user experience.   View Demo
  • Added a new report called “Personal Property Report” for listing properties with specific property forms.  View Demo

Additional Updates

  • We have improved the client search when creating a new policy for any e-doc or commission download that could not be matched up.
  • We have removed the word “JenesisNow” from the subject line when emailing Acord forms.
  • We have added a place on printed receipts for the insured’s signature.
  • When merging two clients, the People will now also be part of the data that merges.
  • The pdf and csv export file name for custom reports are the same as the custom report name.
  • We have added the ability to add media to Producers like can be done with Users.
  • The default for Advanced Search will now be Policy Number and take the user to the policy rather than to the client screen. Also, the search results will be ordered by client name.
  • We have added a request/suggestion form to the help section so users can quickly submit a request for service to the Jenesis support team from anywhere in JenesisNow.
  • We have added a option on the a policy for Reviewed and a filter in the Pending Renewals Card to exclude reviewed policies. This option will clear on new term dates and every time a download happens for the policy.