a person at a computer reading about the latest JenesisNow product updates


Noteworthy Enhancements

  • You can now create an icon on your mobile device for JenesisNow and experience JenesisNow as a mobile app rather than running it inside a browser. This will work on both Android and Apple devices. View Video
  • We have added a dashboard card for Goals. This will show only your goals that have not yet been completed. View Video
  • Added the ability to place a BOP policy as an underlying policy on a Commercial Umbrella policy. View Video
  • Added the ability to link Clients in JenesisNow, creating a quick reference between related clients. View Video
  • We have added the ability to not include the letterhead (location logo and address) on letters when printing. By default, the letterhead option will be checked and included on printed letters. Your selection will also stay remembered.  View Video
  • We have added the ability to attach a client or policy-level image to any policy belonging to the client. View Video
  • When adding a vehicle for a personal auto policy, the garaging address will now default to the physical address from the client profile.  View Video
  • Preferred Name is now searchable under advanced search.  View Video
  • When merging a client, you will now be able to see the address, business name, and people tags for the client you are merging from. This will help identify which client you are merging from if there is more than one with the same name.  View Video
  • Now, when adding a new driver, if there is only 1 person and the insured is not already a driver, the driver will default to the 1st insured.  View Video
  • We have added the ability to pin media files to the top of the media list.  View Video

Additional Updates

  • Added a new permission to JenesisNow to control access to policy-level Commission values.
  • The Pending Renewal dashboard card will now be sorted by the renewal effective date from the oldest date to the newest date.
  • The company list now defaults to only show active companies.
  • On the policy screen, we have changed the Policy Fee field label to Company Policy Fee.
  • Policy Fee and Policy Taxes can now be added to the policy detail report, policy & client report, policy terms report, policy generations report, book of business report, and the commission overview report.
  • Vehicles and Drivers are listed in order of first added to last added based on transaction date.
  • We have changed Driver Relationships for personal auto drivers to match client relationships.
  • We have added an additional side card preference to turn off / hide the media card on a client or policy.
  • We have added the UT 90 Acord form.
  • We have moved the Policy Version List, Policy XML File, Renew Policy, Rewrite Policy, and Change Policy Type from the Policy Info card to the Actions card on the policy screen.
  • The vehicle VIN will now show on the vehicle card on the policy screen as well as when selecting a vehicle when generating an Acord 50 form. This will be true for personal and commercial vehicles.
  • Updated the appearance of many popup screens on JenesisNOw.
  • The driver’s license and state will now auto-populate with the policy state and status of active on a new driver. Also, if it is the first driver being added it will default the priority to principal.
  • When rating an existing policy or adding a new driver on a policy that does not have a vehicle assignment, if there is only one vehicle, JenesisNow will automatically assign that vehicle to all drivers.
  • Removed passenger side only option.
  • We have made enhancements to the sign-on page for cleaner and easier navigation.
  • We have added the user name that added the client to the added client note.
  • Any user can now add a producer to a policy but only an admin can change from one producer to another producer unless the user making the change is already the producer.
  • We have made several enhancements to the way text message character limitations work.
  • We have added the transaction effective date and policy effective date to the commission admin report.
  • We have added a way to mark a certificate holder as inactive on the client level and in the agency-wide cert holder list.
  • When a text is sent from JenesisNow, the stored message will now appear with the same formatting used when it was sent.
  • Moved the zip above the city when adding a client.
  • We have added County to the Client Detail, Client Profile, and Policy & Client Detail reports.
  • Added a beneficiary Relationship field for all life insurance policies.
  • We have changed the life insurance beneficiary field to a drop-down with Primary and Contingent as the options.
  • We have added Trust Type to the life insurance beneficiary sections with Revocable and Irrevocable.
  • We have added a column for the policy number and company name when viewing the saved media list.
  • When clicking the Delete Driver or Deleter Vehicle buttons, if the Delete Date field is empty, JenesisNow will automatically enter today’s date.
  • Changed Motor Home to read Motorhome and changed Farm and Ranch to read Farm & Ranch to better match other policy types within JenesisNow.
  • We have updated Acord 290 LA to the form dated 2023/10
  • The system will now make a note and agency log entry anytime a company, term, or term date is changed on a policy.
  • You are now able to go as low as 0 number of days on the custom criteria for the new customer email and text campaign.
  • Custom report names now show at the top of the report.
  • When the Valuation Type in JenesisNow is one of the following, the Acord 140 will show the corresponding code, otherwise, the first three letters of the entry will be used.

    A – Actual Cash Value
    R – Replacement Cost
    V – Agreed Amount
    M – Market Value

  • The pay plan is now an option in Policy Detail.
  • Added acord form 290ID to the most current available 2023/09
  • We have updated Acord 137 Idaho Commercial Auto Application to form dated 2023/09
  • The All Clients screen will now remember the last selected sorted by column
  • We have made a change so that when you are on a policy and use text/email or adding media to a note you will only see media files related to that policy and not all client media files.
  • We have added the update ACORD 65 NY AUTO SUPPLEMENT – SPOUSAL LIABILITY COVERAGE  dated (2023/08)
  • We have updated Acord 137 New York Commercial Auto to form dated 2023/08
  • We have added the insured’s main and mobile phone numbers to the policy screen. The numbers will be listed when clicking on the client’s name at the top of the policy screen.