June product updates


  • Added a CSV and Print option for Suspense List.
  • Updated Invoices to allow editing of invoice line items.
  • The Policy Version list will now more accurately reflect how a change was made – by the user or by the system..
  • We have improved the way receipts look when they are printed, emailed, or texted by the agent so that everything looks better and fits nicely on the page.
  • We have added automation to enhance the workflow by including the ability to save acord forms and go directly to media with one click of a button. You can also email selected media from the media screen by selecting media you want to email and clicking the button that says email selected media. This will automate the process of taking you directly to the email screen automatically with the media highlighted for you. Lastly, we have added the ability to lookup a company and emaill that company from the text and email screen.
  • We have added a dashboard box to show a list of users that are logged in and online in your agency. They will show as offline if they logout or if they are inactive inside of JenesisNow for 1 hour.
  • Updated Acord Forms to make sure those that show “P” for Partial have info populating
  • Some Popup screens (Vehicles, Drivers, Listings) now have [Previous] and [Next] buttons to cycle through other Drivers/Vehicles/Listings without having to close the open one.
  • We have added the ability to insert images into Location Marketing Emails
  • Added Email and Text marketing campaign by policy type.
  • The user field on a policy will now show the user who entered the policy via download. The user field can be changed by an agency admin to reassign another user on the policy. Also, we have upated the policy version list to show who made a change the the policy in the version list and not the user field on the policy.
  • New feature added – Goals tracker!


  • Jenesis will no longer allow the user to enter a J-Links location that is not an option in the drop down list.
  • When sending a certificate of insurance by email from the certificate screen, if there is a business name in the business name field on the client main screen, the subject of the email will now default to the business name.
  • WeSignature Payments now has the option in Agency Setup on the Defaults tab to allow the agency to have the credentials used based on the location of where the user is signed into Jenesis or the location of the policy where the receipt is being processed from.
  • Added ablility to use the same custom fee consent message for commercial lines as for personal lines.
  • Jenesis will now allow for 9 payments on 12 month policies in Quote Control for exporting.
  • We have added many more color options for changing the look of your dashboard! Just click on the “Customize Colors” button to try them!
  • Updated Acord 90 VA to version 2023/07
  • We have made the calendar view of the J-Calendar screen larger.
  • Quote follow-up emails and text messages will now only be sent for quotes that were not a “requote” method.
  • Users can now add a link to invoices emailed to customers where the customer can click on the link to make a payment.
  • Added a report to the Production Report, Personal Lines tab called Auto Policy and Download Coverages Mismatch, which will list all policies where any combination of BI, PD, Med, UMBI, and UMPD do not match the downloads.

Agency Advantage

  • Added current version of AA to login screen and to the application title bar for easy reference
  • Made several user interface improvements to the policy forms.
  • We have added the phone description to the client main screen beside the phone extension.
  • Made several improvements to the Client Main Screen.