a graphic displaying 'August Product Update'


  • Jenesis will now make a note when changing a policy status to quoted, quote pending, and quote declined.
  • We updated Acord 140 to prefill Subject of Insurance, % Sprink, Central Station Checkbox.
  • Can now delete signature in user setup.
  • Both the first and last name will now pass when sending an image to WeSignature.
  • National General defaults paperless to yes in all cases; therefore, if the applicant does not want to be paperless, the change can be made in the National General binding process.
  • Made format improvements to the Quote Control worksheet.
  • Now if a user closes Jenesis with the big red X at the top right of the application, the user will be removed from the Active User list on the dashboard. In the past, this only happened when the user signed out as intended by clicking the Sign-Out button. Also, a Jenesis admin can now double click on the word “user” at the top of the Active User list to be given the option to remove an active user that should not still be in the list.
  • We have increased the text and email popup to have a larger font on the labels, fields, and buttons.
  • Users are now able to show deleted images and admins are able to restore deleted images.
  • We have improved the Life & Health screen to better support life insurance policies.


  • We have added the Commercial Auto Application Acord Form for Georgia -137 GA.
  • We have added the ability to receipt to any location and not just the location the client belongs to.
  • Added a new Report called Policy Terms that shows previous policy premiums based on Expiration Date changes.
  • When users enter a cancel date that is in the past, the status will be changed to canceled and if they enter a cancel date that is in the future, the status will change to pending cancel. Also, canceled policies in the policy list will show up in red.
  • We have added Farm / Ranch Policy Type
  • We have updated Acord form 50 CT to the newest form.
  • We have added the ability to add images to your email signature.
  • We have added the options to link a make a payment and file a claim link for companies on the Client Portal.
  • Added the option to print two copies of the receipt on the same page
  • Added Email/Text Campaign for Cancelled Policies & Pending Cancel Policies

Agency Advantage

  • Added current version of AA to login screen and to the application title bar for easy reference
  • Made several user interface improvements to the policy forms.
  • We have added the phone description to the client main screen beside the phone extension.
  • Made several improvements to the Client Main Screen.