• Improved a better date of birth calendar to make it easier to enter a date of birth.
  • We have added all policy types to the Acord 75 policy selection.
  • We have added a ¬†Descriptions field to All Medicare Policies, All Life Policies, and All Health Policies.
  • Added a way to have a coverage value be the default when creating a policy. For example, an agency can now select 100/300 for the BI coverage and have that be the default coverage.
  • A feature has been added to copy existing coverages from a given state to all other states to save setup time!
  • New Boat-specific fields have been added to Boating Auto Policies!
  • We have added location logos on invoices. These will show up when viewing the invoice page, generating invoices, printing invoices, and email invoices.
  • Added ability to enter commission statement details manually.