June product updates


  • The login page has been adjusted to be more responsive to various screens with info at the top.
  • Your 2FA method will now be remembered from your last log-in.  One less click to get you where you are going!
  • Custom Payment Types and Fees can now be manually added in Location Setup and fees can be associated with a specific payment type so when that payment type is used on a receipt, the associated fee will automatically be added to the receipt.
  • Changed Insured to Business Name and moved Name to the first column and Business Name to the second column.
  • We have added a report to be able to view reports for prior generations.
  • An option has been added to Update client addresses automatically from Downloads.
  • JenesisNow will cancel active policies automatically if the expiration date is today or in the past.


  • We fixed the Policy without images report to filter by user.
  • We have removed the blank space that was at the top of new emails generated from Jenesis.
  • Created an Email Template button on the Client Main Form to use the email template functionality.  Changed the Email and Text button to create an email or text without using a template.
  • We fixed the commercial property tab to display all the relevant information (e.g. square footage, year built, etc) based on the location selected.
  • We added an expiration report for Life & Health line of business.
  • We have increased the font size on the invoice form and also added spell check to the note field under each line item.
  • We have increased the note field on the invoice form to allow for two rows of text.
  • We updated Acord 80 FL (5/2022) and Acord 90 FL (5/2022)
  • We have added an option in Agency Setup on the Defaults tap, to select the default Pay Plan Type to be used when adding a new policy.
  • Now when checking the checkbox on the receipt screen that a payment has been posted to the carrier, the note will read … Receipt 99999 – Posted to <company> and when unchecking the checkbox, Receipt 99999 – Not Posted to <company>. These notes have been available for personal lines receipts for some time but have just now been added for commercial lines.
  • We have removed the AP Expected checkbox from the policy screen.
  • We have removed the AD&D and Emergency Roadside Coverage options on the consent form.
  • Now the Fee-Late will automatically add to commercial receipts like they do with personal lines when the payment type is Late Installment.
  • We added a text box to enter an additional email address for other recipients besides the first and second insured email.
  • We have improved Absence Tracking for agency staff.  An Agency Admin can now add the allotted hours for the year for each agent in user setup.  As the agent updates their hours away through Absence Tracking, a calculation will let the agent know how many hours have been taken and how many are remaining for the year.
  • We added a text box to enter an additional email address for other recipients besides the first and second insured email.
  • When clicking the Retrieve Quote button on the National General Questions screen, the windows default browser will now open rather than Internet Explorer. This will normally be Google Chrome.
  • Added Federal ID field in Quote Control for Commercial Policy quotes which will also transfer to the client when exported.
  • Now when exporting a quote from Quote Control to Jenesis, the notes from Quote Control are carried over to the client and new policy.
  • We updated Acord 61 SC to version 2021/09
  • We added Acord 90 (2015/12) for California to the Acord Library
  • Images that are attached to a suspense item from inside a policy will now also be visible when viewing policy-level images.
  • We have added a Solar Panels checkbox to the personal property underwriting tab.
  • We have made a change where now when the user uses the rewrite feature, if they let the rewrite feature cancel the old policy, Jenesis will automatically check the Disable Email & Text checkbox. This checkbox will also be automatically checked if the user manually selects a cancel reason as Rewrite from the policy screen.
  • Added a location filter to the Agency Transaction Report which is on the Misc tab of Production Reports.
  • We added a pdf view button and signature on the DL-123 form.
  • We have made a change when processing an online credit card payment with Simply Easier Payments and Sprucebooks. Only receipt line items with a payment method of Credit/Debit Card to Agency will pass to the processing site. This will allow the user to easily use a credit card for part of the payment and another method of payment for part of the payment.

Agency Advantage

  • Acord March 2022 Forms Release – Updated Florida Acord 90
  • The text box used to enter descriptions of a print capture has been changed to a combo box. The entry field now auto-completes using previous descriptions that have been entered for attachments.
  • Added the ability to use the Customer DBA name in Acord forms instead of the customer name when a Customer DBA exists. In the past, even if there was a DBA, it would still use the customer name in the Acord forms.
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