JenesisNow – It’s Time to Make the Switch-pexels-andrea-piacquadio-man happy in front of desktop

Whether you are currently using JenesisClassic or another insurance agency management system, it is time to make the switch to JenesisNow. This is the most feature-filled and efficient, as well as the newest, management system from Jenesis. Created by insurance agents, all Jenesis software was designed to meet the unique needs of agents. The most recent JenesisNow system is the most efficient way to take advantage of those features.

JenesisNow Has an Enhanced Client Portal

The client portal that comes with JenesisNow is a feature that will set you apart from other agencies in your area. Clients will love the ability to just log into the system via any browser. Once logged in, they can see account information, your agency’s contact information, and more. Clients can use the system to see information about policies or payment history at a glance, or to get certificates of insurance.

This improves your client experience, as they can do everything themselves instead of waiting for your agency’s business hours to talk to someone. It also improves your team’s efficiency, as they don’t have to spend as much time answering basic questions from clients and can focus on more important tasks.

Automated Downloads of Policy Information

Switching to JenesisNow also gives you access to the time-saving option to set up automated downloads of policy information, including messages and eDocs. This gives you instant delivery of the policy-related information with ease. For example, insurance declaration pages get downloaded right into the agency management system, appearing in policy images. The result is a boost to your administrative efficiency.

Enhanced Email Integration

While JenesisClassic has email integration, it is enhanced for JenesisNow. You get all of the features you need to manage email from your insurance agency management software. You get a familiar inbox with search functions. You can send emails from within a client’s profile.

As an insurance agency management system, the email integration keeps track of all of the communication to and from a client. But it goes beyond this, also including emails about the client.

Enhanced Marketing Campaigns

For JenesisNow, Jenesis also enhanced the marketing campaign functionality. This is especially impressive given that many insurance agency management systems don’t even have marketing features. Instead, you have to use separate marketing automation software. By offering this type of marketing, JenesisNow saves you money as well as the time needed to set up and integrate another system.

Even better, JenesisNow goes beyond the basics with marketing campaigns. Just some of the options available include new customer campaigns, cross-selling campaigns, and happy birthday campaigns.

Enhanced ACORD Forms

Yet another enhanced feature on JenesisNow is the ACORD forms. This is a time-saving feature that saves you the need to find the ACORD forms that you use regularly. In addition to blank forms, you can take advantage of pre-filled ones that use the information already in the system. This not only gives you flexibility but also saves you time.

Enhanced Invoicing

No insurance agency management system is complete without the ability to send invoices. The enhanced invoicing feature on JenesisNow makes this a breeze. In just a few clicks, you can generate and email or print invoices.

JenesisNow Improves Agency Efficiency

When you look at the system overall, JenesisNow does wonders at improving the efficiency of your agency. Every little bit of added efficiency adds up. From not having to find or fill out ACORD forms to accessing email and marketing right in the system, you save a few minutes here and a few minutes there.

But those are just a handful of the efficiency-boosting features found in JenesisNow. End of Day Manager, for example, streamlines the process of closing out your cash drawer. Commission Manager streamlines the process of tracking commissions. And the ability to import customers or prospects prevents the need to manually enter information – or the chance of human error while doing so.

JenesisNow Is Highly Intuitive to Use

Jenesis designed JenesisNow to not only include all of the features that insurance agencies need but to include them in an intuitive system. This means that while there will still be a learning curve, it will be incredibly small. You will be able to figure out most features yourself within a matter of minutes.

For the few that do require a bit more explanation, Jenesis has clear instructions for all of the features on its website’s FAQ section. If you don’t feel comfortable leaving it up to your team to figure out how to use JenesisNow, there is also a Certification program from Jenesis. This program goes beyond the basics of the system, teaching your team how to maximize their efficiency and take full advantage of all of the features of JenesisNow.

JenesisNow Gives You Insights into Your Agency

In addition to helping with our everyday functionality, JenesisNow also includes customizable reports. Use these to gain important insights into your agency and spot areas for improvement. Choose from instant reports about renewals, CSR efficiency, production, sources of business, and more.


Switching to JenesisNow gives your insurance agency access to the most important features in an insurance agency management system. You will notice improved efficiency thanks to the various tools and features integrated into the system. The system is also highly intuitive to use, with training certifications available to help you get the most from it.