April Product Update graphic


  1. Bridging to any carrier from Stored Quotes in Quote Control now opens in the default browser which for our hosted users will be Chrome.
  2. We have added Other Ins as an option to the Principle/Occasional drop down options on the Drivers form.
  3. Now, only a Jenesis Admin has permission to delete an absence from the Absence Tracking feature.
  4. You can now select the default agent signature to use on Certificates of Insurance for the Client Portal in Agency Setup.
  5. Now the Personal Lines Active Policies by Company report drill down for each company includes an ‘Email’ button.
  6. We have added the print capabilities to the drill down report from Production > New Business Renewals
  7. We have added a new report, Receipts How Paid Ratio, to Production Reports on the All Lines tab.
  8. We have added “policy number” and a “Bill Type” (like agency bill or direct bill) to the report titled “Commercial Lines Policies by Expiration Date by User”.
  9. We have added an option to the J-Links screen where the user can select either Internet Explorer or My Default Browser for each carrier listed in J-Links. If Internet Explorer is selected, Jenesis will attempt to log the user into the carrier’s website and not use the URL entered by the user but rather the URL Jenesis believes to be correct for the carrier and this will always use Internet Explorer. If they have My Default Browser selected for a carrier, Jenesis will open the carrier’s website from the URL entered into J-Links by the user and it will open in the default browser.
  10. Corrected location for exported policy is best shown as an example:  A user is logged in at Location 1 and adds a quote to quote control for Location 2 – if that user exports the policy, Location 2 will export as is shown in Quote Control.
  11. We have added a checkbox called Disable Email & Text to the policy screens. If checked, the Mid Term Cancels, Non Renew, nor Pending Cancel emails or text campaigns will be generated. Also, when check or unchecked, Jenesis will make at note to that affect.


  1. More policy types are available when selecting certain Acord Forms.
  2. Policies of type Other can now be changed into a specific policy type using the Change Policy Type button.
  3. The Comment and Additional Comments now appear on the receipt when printed or emailed.
  4. Added a modal when Formstack is switched on/off to provide more information for Users. If a user does not have Formstack they can click on a link to get a free trial or demo with Formstack and if they do have an account they can click on a link to show them how to use Formstack with JenesisNow.
  5. We have added the Drivers License # field to client quick add and when adding a person to the “people” card. Also, when you copy a person as a driver it will copy the license # of the person.
  6. JenesisNow will cancel active policies automatically if the expiration date is today or in the past.
  7. Certificates now have the ability to be sent in bulk to multiple certificate holders at once via email including an option for the insureds to also receive a copy of each one sent.