March Product Updates


  • A field for Certificate Holder Description has been added when generating Acord 25.
  • We have added the ability to text receipts.
  • We have added the ability to use dynamic data fields in user email templates.
  • When entering zip code for mortgagee information in a commercial property policy the city and state will now automatically populate by default.
  • We added the Acord 146 with basic prefilling.
  • Receipts have been updated so that multiple Policies can be chosen on a single Receipt.
  • We added Acord 827 Employment Practices Liability Insurance Section to the acord library.
  • An option to opt-out all customers from marketing campaigns has been added for agency admins.
  • We have added the ability to add any default coverage as an empty text field.
  • We have completed Phase 1 of the Jenesis Client Portal adding the ability to give your clients limited access through a client portal. They will be able to see basic information, policies, and receipts created inside your Jenesis system.
  • A new Email Marketing feature has been added that allows agents to send Marketing items to clients based on their Policy Companies and status.
  • Reports showing Total Time from the timeclock feature will now show an added line for hours totaling over 40.
  • The Policy Screen now shows the information from a Download on an unsupported Policy Type (BOP, Comm Pkg, etc).