7 Ways To Build Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are crucial to your insurance agency. After all, you will typically spend fewer resources and less time getting an existing client to renew their policies with you than attracting a new client. Given the urge clients have to comparison shop as a way of saving money, the ability to retain clients is critical.

In addition to renewing, loyal customers are more likely to recommend you to others and to leave positive reviews. The benefits of these two actions cannot be understated.

The following methods will help you build customer loyalty that delivers results.

Create Customer Loyalty Programs

You may think of customer loyalty programs as exclusive to retailers, but you can also use them in your insurance agency. You will just have to think about what a loyalty program for your agency would look like.

Educate Your Clients

Another great way to boost customer loyalty is also a way to attract clients—educating them. This does several things at once.

To start, it adds value to your services. If you offer free eBooks, seminars, or educational articles, this separates you from the competitors. It means that clients get more than just insurance when they work with your agency.

On top of that, educating clients cements your insurance agency’s status as a knowledgeable and an industry leader. Clients will recognize that you know the ins and outs of insurance, increasing their ability to trust you with their policies.

Provide Related Education as Well

You can also take this to the next level by extending the education you provide beyond insurance. For example, offer a blog, knowledge base, eBook, or webinar on related topics. So, if you sell home insurance, you could share DIY tips or recommendations on how to find a contractor. If you sell auto insurance, plan a webinar on basic car maintenance or an eBook on how to extend your car’s lifespan.

Create a Referral Network

A referral network is another way to add value to your services and build loyalty in the process. The only thing better than teaching homeowners how to find a good contractor for their home is to directly recommend one. As a bonus, your referral partners will also refer your insurance agency, helping you bring in new clients in the process.

Offer Digital Services Clients Want

In this digital age, your clients expect to be able to easily access all of their insurance information online. If you don’t offer that ability, they will look somewhere else. But by providing access, you can build loyalty. It is even easier to build loyalty if your solution has extra features for clients. Jenesis, for example, lets clients easily access their certificates and find payment links through the client portal.

Offer Multiple Communication and Engagement Methods

Part of building client loyalty is creating relationships with them. Every touchpoint or time that your clients engage with you helps build that relationship. So, encourage a social media presence, create a newsletter, and engage with clients in other ways.

Don’t just communicate with clients; give them a way to communicate with you as well. Ideally, you want to offer the preferred communication method for each of your customers. So, make your agency easy to contact via phone, text, live chat, email, social media, and any other method that your clients request.

Have Message Continuity

When communicating with clients across platforms, be sure to make your messaging similar. Use the same branding and tone throughout.

Deliver Personalized Services

One of the main reasons that clients may think of switching from your insurance agency is because of price. But if you remain competitive on that front and offer personalization, you can easily overcome a slight price difference.

This comes down to taking the time to get to know each client and figure out which insurance plan makes the most sense for them. You may be surprised to realize how many clients will gladly give you some personal data in exchange for customized plans that better fit their needs.


Loyal clients save you money, as you will spend less money retaining customers than you would attracting new ones. Loyal clients also help you attract new clients via reviews and word-of-mouth. Maximize customer loyalty with communication, loyalty programs, and personalization. At the same time, pay attention to what clients want, such as digital access to their insurance information, and offer that.