February product update header


  1. The Active policy reports by company and by broker for both Personal and Commercial lines have been altered to reflect the company name rather than the parent company.
  2. The following Acord forms have been updated:
    • ACORD 80 NV (2022/01) Nevada Homeowner Application 2022/01
    • ACORD 83 NV (2022/01) Nevada Personal Umbrella Application 2022/01
    • ACORD 84 NV (2022/01) Nevada Dwelling Fire Application 2022/01
    • ACORD 85 NV (2022/01) Nevada Mobile Home Application 2022/01
    • ACORD 89 NV (2022/01) Nevada Residential Section 2022/01
    • ACORD 283 NV (2022/01) Nevada Personal Umbrella Section 2022/01
    • ACORD 80 NY (2202/02)  New York Homeowner Application 2202/02
    • ACORD 83 NY (2202/02) New York Personal Umbrella Application 2202/02
    • ACORD 84 NY (2202/02) New York Dwelling Fire Application 2202/02
    • ACORD 85 NY (2202/02) New York Mobile Home Application 2202/02
    • ACORD 88 NY (2202/02) New York Personal Insurance Application 2202/02
    • ACORD 89 NY (2202/02) New York Residential Section 2202/02
    • ACORD 283 NY (2202/02) New York Personal Umbrella Section 2202/02
  3. Added the ability to send Jenesis an email and/or text to let the agent know in a message to contact us to disable a hosted account when they mark a user in Jenesis user setup as inactive.
  4. Jenesis will now populate the 2nd insured field and the 2nd insured DOB field on the client main screen when the information comes in via downloads.
  5. We have enhanced the user interface when sending emails from both the Client Main Screen and the Main Quote form. The user will now be taken to the template form where they can easily select both the first insured and the second insured to receive the email. The user may choose to use the template or ignore them.


  1. Acord form filling for Acord 25, 125 now supports Additional Insured for Commercial GL policies.
  2. With the Time Clock feature, users now have the option to see a full week of time and not just the last five entries.
  3. Updated “Replacement Cost Contents” coverage under Homeowners to include “Cov. C”
  4. We have included the option “All” Status in the dropdown in the -Clients List- Status column, on the All Clients page. This way you can see all Client’s with any status.
  5. Added Parent Company Filter to the Policy Detail Report.
  6. Added “Help” icon with popup text containing a link to our Youtube playlist of reports videos.
  7. Users are now able to EDIT the comments on existing timeclock entries
  8.  Business Names are now populating in Dashboard cards.
  9. User has the ability to enter the 2FA code and then hit the enter key to login
  10.   Added paid to company on receipt line items and ability to filter on Payment Detail/remittance reports.
  11. Under Commercial General Liability, fields have been added to track Additional Insured
  12. Added a section to the login page to show articles, news, and relevant links for JenesisNow.

Agency Advantage

  1. Added a Training Videos button to the lower left-hand side of the login form. The button should open the default browser to the Jenesis Agency Advantage YouTube site.
  2. This feature update allows users to include a single document as an attachment to a text message. Additionally, the length of a text message body has been extended from 160 characters to 1600 characters.
  3. The InsureSign button has been removed from the top navigation menu. Microsoft Access calls this a ribbon. Previously the InsureSign button was located in the ribbon section that includes the ‘Import Quote’ and ‘EZLynx’ buttons.
  4. When on the Claims tab inside a Customer Folder, a new column labeled Date of Loss has been added to the claims record grid. Date of Loss is now the second column, just before Policy Number.
  5. When composing emails or text messages in Agency Advantage, users may now click the ‘Household’ button to insert all contacts as recipients of the message.
  6. When composing an email message the subject and message entry text fields now include a popup menu when right-clicked. The right-click menu has options for Cut, Copy, and Paste.
  7. Minor style adjustments to increase legibility on the Home Screen (Dashboard) and Customer Folders.
  8. Agency Advantage now includes global control keys to access common functions. Control plus “d” to go back to the Home Screen, control plus “l” to open the Windows Calculator, and a handful of other useful shortcuts. See the complete below.
    • AA control keys ( Control + )
    • d=Home Screen
    • a=Agency Setup
    • e=Compose Email
    • l=Windows Calculator
    • f=ProRata Calculator
    • t=Address Book
    • m=Message Pad
    • n=Quick Note
    • w=Policy Wizard
    • c=copy
    • x=cut
    • v=paste
  9. When entering a new Relative in the Customer Folder, the social security number and date of birth (when available) are now populated when an existing Driver record is chosen.