January Product Updates


  • The user has the ability to hit the enter key after inputing password to login instead of using the mouse to click on login.
  • Page 2 of ACORD 125 now transfers over GL Listing Locations addresses for a General Liability policy when selected.
  • You can now send invoices to any email address, not just default to sending to the client.


  • We have added the Location address information and the Full Name of the producer to the Glovebox download in Reports under All Lines.
  • The following ACORD forms have been updated:
    • ACORD 61 NV (2021/10) – Nevada Auto Supplement, Mandatory Offer of Medical Payments Coverage and Uninsured
      Motorists Coverage
    • ACORD 137 TN (2021/11) – Tennessee Commercial Auto, Coverages / Limits Section
    • ACORD 138 TN (2021/11) – Tennessee Garage and Dealers
    • ACORD 124 NJ (2021/11) – New Jersey Supplement One – Page Summary – Commercial Property / Business Income Business Interruption Coverage
    • ACORD 50 ME (2022/01) – Maine Motor Vehicle Insurance Identification Card
    • ACORD 51 ME (2022/01) – Maine Temporary Motor Vehicle Insurance Identification Card
  • When creating a suspense in quote control and then exporting that quote to Jenesis, the suspense will now be associated with the specific policy as well as the client’s main profile.
  • We have added a Summary report of policies canceled early. This report is on the All Lines Tab of Production Reports.

Agency Advantage

  • Administrators in Agency Advantage now have the ability to attach files to both CSRs (Users) and Companies. When viewing either a CSR (User) or a Company, there is a new Attachments tab that allows a user to add, edit, and delete attachment records.
  • Under Agency Setup, checking the box for ‘Use Default Web Browser’ will cause Agency Advantage to open company websites (when a user clicks the globe button on a policy screen) using the system’s default web browser. The feature known as WebMerge will no longer function if the agency is set to use the default browser.
  • While inside a Customer Folder, under the Attachments tab, the User has a button to Package Attachments (button has an Open Box icon). The Attachments record listing is in Date descending order. When clicking the button to Package, a list of Attachment records is displayed in a listbox. Previously, this list was in record number descending order. While this may closely follow Date descending order, that is not always true. The list of Attachment records in the listbox on the package screen has been changed to Date descending to match the prior screen record list.
  • The Source of the Customer has been added to the Customer Preview section at the bottom of the AA Home Screen (dashboard). A customer search has to be performed, a customer record highlighted, and the Customer Preview box checked in order to see the Customer Preview. In order to make room for this additional information, the ‘Notes’ header label was removed.