a small insurance agency using the insurance agency management system

Every insurance agency needs to have an agency management system, but the features that a small insurance agency will require are very different than those that a bigger one will. Smaller agencies may not have the budget to pay for multiple pieces of software or the time to learn them, so they want an agency management system that is multi-functional.

The following are some of the most important features that small agencies should look for in their management software, as well as how Jenesis delivers them.

Client Portals

Most small insurance agencies simply don’t have enough funds to create their own client portal. It simply isn’t practical for them to set up their website or create another system that will give clients easy access to their insurance information and the ability to pay. This is a major challenge, as most people expect something like this, especially in the modern era.

Jenesis accounts for this with our client portal. You don’t have to do anything special to set it up, and your clients will be able to easily access their insurance account at yourinsuranceportal.com. Your agency’s clients can use the portal to view their account information, print certificates of their policies, and look at their payment histories. You can even set up the portal to the page where your clients can pay.

The client portal offers similar functionality to what your clients expect to see from large insurance agencies, but it lets you offer it for a fraction of the cost. After all, the portal is included in your Jenesis insurance agency management system.

Ability to Keep Files Organized

While every insurance agency needs to stay organized, it is more important for smaller agencies, as you may not be able to hire staff solely to organize information and documents. Jenesis has several features that let you stay organized while also letting you go paperless. That ability to go paperless is also important, as your small agency may not have much storage space.

One of these primary features is the ability to scan images to eliminate papers and manage your documents electronically. The Jenesis interface lets you create an electronic filing system complete with categories.

The system lets you scan from a device, import documents, and save attachments from insurance carriers. You can also drag and drop them. The program lets you file documents by transaction or customer, depending on your preferences.

Further organization comes from the Notes feature, which lets you email documents right from the client’s profile and will record the transaction. You can use Notes to set up other automated documentation as well, such as when a receipt is completed or a policy accessed.

Yet another example of organization is the ACORD forms, which are available either pre-filled or blank.

Detailed Reports

Every insurance agency wants to get as many insights as possible, but smaller agencies don’t always have the budget to do so. Jenesis takes care of this by letting you pull instant reports. You can pull these reports on various lines of business to see the production, source of business, CSR efficiency, renewals, and more.

The detailed reports in Jenesis are incredibly efficient compared to the methods many small agencies use, which typically involve manually printing and comparing documents. There’s also no need to pull separate reports from every company that you write with. Small businesses will also appreciate the ability to have reports automatically emailed to them at set intervals, such as once a month. This saves even more time, as there’s no need to even pull the report.

Built-in Marketing Features

Small agencies will find it useful to choose insurance agency management systems that include marketing features as well. This eliminates the need to buy and learn how to use a separate piece of marketing software. It also streamlines the process.

Jenesis offers multiple built-in marketing features to help clients, including:

  • Email list builder
  • Email campaigns
  • Direct mail
  • Automated calls
  • Survey tools
  • Referral letters
  • Account rounding workflow
  • Marketing reports
  • Remarketing quotes

Payment-related Solutions

While most insurance agencies will likely use a separate system to accept payments from clients, the best management software will include features that make this easy to integrate and help you manage everything.

For example, Jenesis makes it easy to generate receipts for any payments that your clients make. You can send these to your clients for their records and store them in your own records.

If you use Sprucebooks or Simply Easier Payments, then these integrate with Jenesis as part of that receipt function. This lets you easily accept credit cards without additional costs. Your customers will appreciate the flexibility, and you will appreciate the fact that more clients pay on time.

The Bottom Line

Small insurance agencies want well-rounded and feature-filled insurance management systems that offer all of the features they need. Jenesis delivers with its credit card integration, marketing features, receipts and payments, reports, and other features. Interested in learning more? Request a demo, today!