December product updates graphic


  • Using a Rater? Using a rater outside of Jenesis? No problem! Sending the data is super easy. We’ve allowed the ability to send data to other rating systems by being able to download the Policy XML located in the Policy Info box on the policy screen. Take a look at the video below.
  • We made it easier to download the Policy XML so that it can be used with other rating systems. We did this by moving the Policy XML File button to the Policy Info box on the policy screen.
  • We have added the ability for agency admins and anyone with the payments admin permission to edit receipts. Any receipt change is logged to the Transaction Log report. You can not change the date or time of a receipt.
  • We have added Acord form 137 in JenesisNow for TX
  • Client DOB is now visible from the Client View for each person.
  • You can now add tags for saved acord forms under the options menu and see those tags when hovering over any saved acord form.
  • The Client Detail report now contains a DOB Range field in addition to the original DOB Month field, so now you can search for specific birthdays instead of just birthday months (like when you’re looking for a certain age).


  • Happy Birthday to your clients: We have added the functionality to see the client’s birthday on the Client’s main screen.  The user will be notified when the client’s birthday is within 7 days of the current date and allows you the ability to print a birthday card. This works for both the primary and secondary insured.
  • We have added a commission policy type manager along with the Personal Lines and Commercial Lines policy type manager tools on the Jenesis dashboard. This will allow agencies to make sure the policy types used in Company Setup for commission are all standardized.

Agency Advantage

  • Administrators in Agency Advantage now have the ability to attach files to both Csrs (Users) and Companies. When viewing either a Csr(User) or a Company, there is a new Attachments tab that allows a user to add, edit, and delete attachment records.
  • Under Agency Setup, checking the box for ‘Use Default Web Browser’ will cause Agency Advantage to open company websites (when a user clicks the globe button on a policy screen) using the system’s default web browser. The feature known as WebMerge will no longer function if the agency is set to use the default browser.
  • While inside a Customer Folder, under the Attachments tab, the User has a button to Package Attachments (button has an Open Box icon). The Attachments record listing is in Date descending order. When clicking the button to Package, a list of Attachment records is displayed in a listbox. Previously, this list was in record number descending order. While this may closely follow Date descending order, that is not always true. The list of Attachment records in the listbox on the package screen has been changed to Date descending to match the prior screen record list.
  • The Source of the Customer has been added to the Customer Preview section at the bottom of the AA Home Screen (dashboard). A customer search has to be performed, a customer record highlighted, and the Customer Preview box checked in order to see the Customer Preview. In order to make room for this additional information, the ‘Notes’ header label was removed.