October product update graphic


  • On the Client List when you click the next page it now takes you back to the top of the page. Added the pages to the top of the page as well.
  • We added Acord 90 – Personal Auto Application for Georgia
  • We have added fields under each user for Date of Birth, Social Security Number, and Pay Rate. This will help with your Human Resources.


  • Suspenses in the agency transaction log will no longer not have the user’s name associated.
  • When emailing a personal lines or commercial lines ID card from the policy, Jenesis will now make a note at the policy level and not just at the client level.
  • We have added the ability to filter the Production>> Misc>>New Business Receipt List by Location / User / and Company
  • We have added a Drill Down capability to the Fees by Agent Report.
  • After sending email, now in View Notes
  • Under the customer profile notifications and view, it now shows text message campaigns sent as well as email campaigns.
  • The user may now send Broadcast J-Mail messages to specific locations.
  • When creating a certificate of insurance, Jenesis will not automatically check the Policy checkbox if there is a General Liability policy on the certificate.
  • The Acord 125 prefilled will now fill in the ‘applicant information’ on page 1 with either the applicant’s name or the business name if it’s marked as DBA.