September Product Update graphic


  • Added the ability to use a half percent in the commissions.
  • Business Description on a commercial policy will now transfer to the Acord 25, Description of Operations.
  • We added the ability to rewrite a policy with ease.  Just click “Rewrite Policy” in the Policy Info panel on the right hand side when on a policy screen.  Enter in the requested information and click submit.
  • JenesisNow has corrected several things regarding the Email Integration, such as…
    • 1 – Speed Issues
    • 2 – On the email under the heading: “Clients Associated with this Message” is now listing the clients
    • 3 – Confirmed the receiver gets the email.
    • 4 – If the sender and receiver are both agents, but not the same person, they will not see certain messages.
  • We added the ability to pull a client report by client age.
  • You can now filter by “All”, “Personal”, “Commercial”, or “L&H / Ancillary” in the Pending Renewals dashboard box.
  • Saved Acord forms can not be copied from the options menu.
  • User email / text templates can now be deleted.


  • Suspenses in the agency transaction log will no longer not have the user’s name associated.
  • When emailing a personal lines or commercial lines ID card from the policy, Jenesis will now make a note at the policy level and not just at the client level.
  • Added “property address” to the Commercial Lines tab like the Personal Lines tab.
  • We have added a Drill Down capability to the Fees by Agent Report.
  • We have added the ability to filter the Production>> Misc>>New Business Receipt List by Location / User / and Company
  • Under the customer profile notifications and view, it now shows text message campaigns sent as well as email campaigns.
  • The user may now send Broadcast J-Mail messages to specific locations.
  • When creating a certificate of insurance, Jenesis will not automatically check the Policy checkbox if there is a General Liability policy on the certificate.
  • The Acord 125 prefilled will now fill in the ‘applicant information’ on page 1 with either the applicant’s name or the business name if it’s marked as DBA