an insurance agent adding value by meeting with their client

When an individual or business wants to buy a policy, they could turn to any number of insurance agencies. If you run an insurance agency, it’s important to stand out. That way, prospects will immediately focus on your agency and what it has to offer rather than go somewhere else.

The key to making this happen is to ensure your insurance agency is unique compared to others. From a client’s viewpoint, their main focus is on obtaining excellent coverage at an affordable price. While that’s part of succeeding, you want to prove to them that your insurance agency adds value beyond that. Here are some tips for how to make your insurance agency more valuable to clients.

Talk to Your Clients

While that might sound like a given, surprisingly, many insurance agency owners and agents fail to do this very thing. As a good rule of thumb, whenever you talk with a client, whether in person, over the phone, or even via email, ask questions. The more information you can gather, the better you can serve them.

Remember, a conversation is two-sided. So, along with talking, make sure you spend time listening—really listening. Keep a notepad nearby or have your computer open so you can jot down notes from each conversation.

Also, any time you meet with a current or prospective client in person, stay aware of your body language and the tone of your voice. You want people to feel comfortable sharing information with you. So, give them your full attention and remain engaged at all times.

Maintain Accurate Client Records

From a client’s perspective, there’s nothing more frustrating than providing the same information to an agent over and over again. Remember the notes you took? Well, you can enter those, as well as a wealth of other valuable information, into your insurance agency management system. That way, you’re always prepared when speaking with the same client.

By having the information, you’ll quickly build a tight bond with your clients. They’ll realize that you listened and care enough to remember key information about them and their policy needs.

Beat Clients to the Punch

Another great way for your insurance agency to add value is to contact clients with new information about better coverage or savings before they reach out to you. Taking the initiative in this industry is a key to success. With the detailed notes that you took from your first meeting with a client, you’ll know the things to look for later on that could benefit them.

Make Your Services Convenient

In all fairness, buying an insurance policy isn’t like shopping for a new car. After all, people need insurance protection, making this a required purchase. In comparison, buying a new vehicle is exciting and fun. However, you can enhance the insurance buying experience by making your services more convenient.

For instance, offer your clients flexible hours. That way, they can visit your office early in the morning or later at night. Better yet, go to them. Because people must have insurance for many things, make the process of getting coverage easy. Existing clients and prospects will both appreciate your efforts and thereby choose your agency over another.

Educate Clients

Believe it or not, most people want to learn about insurance so they can make well-informed decisions. The problem is that many insurance agents use jargon that clients don’t understand. Take time to teach your clients about the different types of policies based on their specific needs using language they can relate to.

Unfortunately, some insurance agency owners and agents feel that giving clients too much knowledge equates to giving them too much power. That’s not accurate at all. You want your clients to understand the products you sell and why you recommend the things you do.

Multiple studies on this very topic show that educated clients have more trust in a business than those without an understanding of services. As stated, it’s important to build a strong business relationship with your clients, and this is one more way to accomplish that.

Make the Insurance Buying Experience Positive

Seriously, the more positive the experience, the more your clients will depend on you for insurance. This often includes small things, like ensuring that you can accommodate their schedule or that you’re setup to communicate with them using their preferred method (face-to-face, Zoom, phone, text, email, etc.). Make the entire experience about them, focusing the conversation on the benefits to themselves, their family, and their livelihood.

Summing It Up

For your agency to add value, you need to look at everything from the client’s position. What would they appreciate being added to their insurance buying experience? This will give you an entirely new perspective of the things you need to change.