insurance agents using zoom to teleconference after following these tips

For the past 10 years, teleconferencing has gained in popularity. Then, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. That’s when insurance agents started to use teleconferencing even more than they did before.

With so many businesses unable to have in-person meetings, this was the next best thing. However, recognizing how easy and convenient it is, a lot of insurance agencies recognized its true value. For that reason, many independent insurance agents feel that using teleconferencing should become normal practice.

While that sounds like an excellent idea, agents need to learn how to make teleconferencing successful. A few good decisions will go a long way toward securing new clients, selling products to existing policyholders, and networking with other industry professionals.

Helpful Tips

Below are some helpful tips that insurance agents can use to improve every teleconference, whether they’re meeting with clients, prospects, or colleagues.

Create and Distribute an Agenda

When having a more formal teleconference with agents in-house, an outside agency, or an insurance carrier, it’s essential to create and distribute an agenda. Not only does that inform everyone invited on the call about the topics ahead of time, but it’ll also keep the conversation moving along in an orderly fashion.

Now, if you plan to hold a teleconference with an existing client or prospect, you don’t need an agenda per se. However, you still want to have a list of specific things that you want to cover during the call. That’ll give you references to stay on topic so that you better manage the time you have.

Use The Right Software

While preparing for and during a teleconference, cutting-edge insurance agency management software will provide incredible value. With this, you’ll have immediate access to an abundance of information about the client or prospect that you’re meeting with. At the same time, you can store additional information gained during your conversation. For growing an independent insurance agency, you want to utilize the right software program. In addition to utilizing the right management system, you’ll need to select the right meeting platform for your agency. Zoom and Teams are two popular options.

Be Punctual

Especially as the host or hostess of a teleconference, you need to be on the call at least five minutes before the scheduled start time.

For instance, say you spent months trying to set up a time to talk to an important company about the products your insurance agency offers. Finally, they agreed to a teleconference. Getting on the call even a minute after the potential client could prove disastrous. After all, if you can’t be on time for an initial conversation, how will that company trust your agency to handle their insurance needs?

This could easily ruin your chance of securing them as a new client. Even worse, if that company shares what happened, it could affect your future business with other prospects.

Eliminate Distractions

One of the worst offenses in teleconferencing is to have some kind of distraction going on in the background. While some agents now work in the office again, many still conduct business at home. Regardless of your physical location, make sure you go to a quiet and isolated area to conduct business.

Sure, some people on the call might think your cat is adorable as it sticks its head in front of the camera. Some might also giggle when hearing your young child in the background telling you they need a snack. Unfortunately, not everyone involved in the teleconference would find either scenario amusing.

Wear Proper Attire

Again, with so many independent insurance agents working from home, it’s easy to get too relaxed. Regardless of who’s on the call, always dress to impress. That doesn’t mean you have to wear a suit and tie or a dress, but choose attire that represents you and your agency in a positive light.

Stay Flexible

While some teleconferences run seamlessly and end as scheduled, others don’t. Allow some extra time to answer questions or deal with issues. As an insurance agent, your clients don’t want to feel rushed. To cater to their needs, you want to stay somewhat flexible. The same goes for prospects. Showing that you’re willing to give them the time needed speaks volumes as to what they can expect from you as their agent.

Avoid Putting People to Sleep

Seriously, some business teleconferences are so boring that within minutes, the involved parties don’t hear a word being said. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to be a comedian; just try to keep things interesting! The best thing to do is be yourself. Talk to people on the call as though you’re sitting in front of them. Even when discussing an important topic, keep the conversation relatively light and avoid using insurance jargon.

Pay Attention to Visuals

Before starting a teleconference, look around and specifically behind you. Remove or hide anything that might come across as insensitive or offensive.

Making Every Teleconference Successful

It takes a lot of practice to become good at hosting teleconferences. However, using the provided tips will help you avoid potentially costly mistakes. For the clients you have, as well as those you’re targeting, it’s worth investing in an outstanding insurance software program.

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