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We’ve made a number of changes to both our JenesisNow and JenesisClassic Agency Management System. You can read all about them, below.


  • There is now a marketing campaign for “No Life Insurance.”  This campaign will run for any customer at that location that has an active policy expiring in less than 30 days and no current life insurance policy.
  • When on the Agency screen, viewing your agency’s information, click “Edit Default Coverage Options.”  This screen has changed to be more user-friendly and allow you to edit many more coverages.  You can add or delete coverage codes you want to show up on policies and change the values that will populate in their select boxes.  The main difference is that you can also do this for the “objects” on those policies.For example, you can choose CSL (Combined Single Limit Liability) as a default coverage for the policy level of Personal Auto policies while also adding COMP  (Comprehensive Coverage) as a default coverage for any vehicles that I add to that policy.  You can also rearrange the values that will populate in the drop-down boxes created by dragging them around on this edit default coverages screen.  This works the same as the old screen that was here but adds the ability to add default coverages to many more policy types (not all) and the “objects” on those policies.
  • When the carrier downloads a cancellation with a future cancellation effective date the policy status becomes ‘Pending Cancel’ automatically.
    • A pending cancel card can be set up on the main dashboard to track policies that are getting ready to cancel. The base card you would choose is the “policy” card and then filter your card from there to show what you’d like to see.
  • We have added the ability to change a Policy Type within the scope of the Line of Business for example: Dwelling Fire can change to a Homeowners or an Auto can change to a Motorcycle.
  • An employee time clock and administrative abilities have both been added.  The time clock feature must be turned on at the location level and the administrative features can be accessed by users with the permission “Agency Admin.”  Reporting and a way to export data will come with later versions of the software.  Currently, data can be viewed and filtered on the administrative page for the time clock.
  • Personal Umbrella has now been added as a policy type in Jenesis. If you have clients who have a personal umbrella policy you can easily track them in the system.
  • View your entire book of business by creating a report that shows you the total number of policies each company has and the total premium.


  • We have added a report in Production Reports on the Quote tab called XYZ. This new report shows the renewal retention success based on the user who originally quoted the policy in Quote Control.
  • We added the capability to automatically process the Commercial downloads so you don’t have to manually process them daily. As with the Personal Line of Business, this function is completely controlled by the agency so you can choose if you’d like them automated or not.
  • When Jenesis now processes the automated email and text Happy Birthday communication that is set up in Agency Setup on the Communications tab, both the first and second insured will be included when it’s time for them to receive the happy birthday message. In the past, Jenesis only sent this out to the first insured.

For those of you on our JenesisClassic platform, transitioning to our JenesisNow platform will give you access to a number of other benefits and features to help you take your agency to the next level. Interested in learning more? Schedule a JenesisNow demo, today.