clouds in the sky representing a cloud backup solution for insurance agencies
Your insurance agency handles lots of important data. From the financials to client information, you need to have access to the data at all times. A computer virus, formatting errors, and other problems can cause data loss, harming your insurance agency. Fortunately, you can keep data secure by using our customized cloud backup for insurance agencies. The system will back up and store your data on the cloud. Then, you’ll always have access to your data, even if something happens to your hardware or network. Let’s review some reasons that make cloud backup essential for your insurance agency.

Limit Downtime by Restoring Lost Files Quickly

Our cloud backup solution for insurance agencies includes a data recovery plan. If anything happens to your computers or network, we can quickly restore your data. It’s estimated that insurance agencies can lose thousands of dollars per hour of downtime. If you don’t have a backup, your downtime could turn into days, weeks, or months. Sometimes, it can take a year or longer to fully recover. Fortunately, with our cloud backup solution in place, your insurance agency can quickly get up and running again, limiting your downtime. In fact, our team will handle the recovery and restoration process for you, so you can focus on serving your customers.

Keep Important Marketing Leads

Insurance relies heavily on leads. Your agents warm up leads to turn them into customers. Without a data backup plan, you may lose all those leads if anything happens to your network. Then, your agents will have to start from scratch, spending their time searching for and warming up leads. This will frustrate your employees and hurt your insurance agency’s bottom line. Our cloud backup solution keeps your insurance agency’s lead information safe, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Overcome Agents’ Mistakes

You likely have a team of amazing agents, but even the best can make mistakes. They might accidentally erase critical data on your network or make an unauthorized change to an important document. With an easily accessible cloud backup in place, your insurance agency can access any lost or changed data with ease. This puts less pressure on your agents to be perfect all the time. While everyone strives for perfection, it’s nice to have a safety net in place just in case something happens.

Have a Plan in Case an Agent Goes Rogue

While this is rare, sometimes, insurance agents leave on bad terms and decide to make an impact while walking out the door. They might purposely erase data on your network to harm the agency. This can be a disaster if you don’t have a backup system in place. Fortunately, if you have such a system, you can escort the former agent out the door and restore the data.

Maintain Client Trust With Cloud Backup for Insurance Agencies

Imagine losing important customer data and having to find a way to get it back. You might have to contact your clients and admit you lost all their information in the hopes they’ll provide it once again. Even if the loss is due to a natural disaster or something out of your control, this may erode some of the trust that they’ve placed in your agency. Maintain client trust by using a cloud backup system. Then, if something happens to your insurance agency’s network, you can restore the data without your clients realizing that anything happened.

Avoid Issues With Insurance Carriers

Your reputation is vital for your success. If you lose data, your reputation with insurance carriers will take a hit. It makes carriers look bad, so they might not be as enthusiastic about you selling their products. You always want to look your best when dealing with insurance carriers, so having a data backup system in place is a must.

Choosing Cloud Backup for Insurance Agencies

Jenesis Software’s cloud-based business data backup system allows you to protect your insurance agency’s valuable data. When you use this tool, Jenesis will automatically and continuously back up the data within our JenesisNow system and store it offsite in a data center. There aren’t data caps or surcharges, and you can easily access your data when you need it. With monthly pricing based on the amount of data you need to back up, you can use the system while sticking to your budget. Contact Jenesis Software to learn more about cloud backup for insurance agencies.

Please note that, while our cloud backup solution will ensure that your insurance agency’s management system is backed up, you’ll still want to look into a backup solution for the remainder of your files (like your photos, accounting files, etc).