a beach scene representing the summer slow down that some insurance agencies experience

Nothing affects insurance agencies quite like the summer slowdown. The fun of summer can cause insurance agents to get off track, leading to lower earnings across the board. Fortunately, you can avoid the slowdown this summer by following some tips. These tips will keep your agency on track and could lead to your best summer yet.

Cross-sell Recreational Products

You can increase your sales during the summer by creating campaigns around recreational products. Look through your existing book of business to find clients who need insurance policies for recreational items such as boats and RVs. Your insurance agency management system will help you identify cross-selling opportunities for recreational products. Then, you can reach out to the clients to make the sale.

You can also create another campaign to reach new customers who need insurance for these items. Remember, many people keep recreational items parked all year, and summer is the first time they take them out. You can find lots of customers who are ready to buy insurance today, so they can have a fun summer. Your insurance agency management system can help you gather and nurture leads for your campaign.

Reassess Schedules

Schedules shift a bit during the summer months. Both agents and clients have more going on during the summer, such as caring for kids. Keep this in mind when creating schedules and booking appointments. For instance, if your clients and agents have growing needs in the afternoons, book appointments in the mornings. By adjusting your schedule and becoming more flexible, you will help your agents stay productive in the summer months.

Schedule Client Reviews

Summertime is the ideal time for client reviews. Have your agents begin scheduling reviews now, so they can check in on clients during the summer. If possible, plan the customer reviews to coincide with a special day, such as the Fourth of July. While you won’t want agents to call clients on a holiday, they can call right before. They can use the time to wish them a happy holiday and then discuss their current policies. This will help them improve customer satisfaction, and they might be able to cross-sell some additional offerings.

Host Free Workshops

You can increase the value you provide to your customers by hosting free workshops with other professionals. Invite financial professionals and others to share the stage with you. Then, you can use your time to explain the importance of insurance while the other speakers talk about their fields. Along with educating your current client base, you can do some prospecting as well. The other professionals will invite their clients, and you might get them to sign up with your agency.

Energize Agents With Outdoor Time

The nice weather can make it hard to work inside all day. That can make the summer slump even worse. Mix things up by having some meetings outside if possible. You can also encourage agents to take walks outside during breaks. The sunshine and warm weather will boost their moods, so they’ll be ready to come inside and get to work.

Keep Agents Comfortable

Your insurance agents might enjoy the summer heat while taking a walk outside, but they don’t want to be hot while inside the office. Keeping your office at the right temperature can boost productivity across the board. Set the thermostat at 68-76 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperatures in this range have been shown to improve productivity.

Be Strategic With Vacation Time

Some of your agents might want to take a vacation during the summer. Their kids are out of school, so it’s the perfect time to plan a getaway. However, you can expect the typical summer slump to get even worse if too many agents take vacations simultaneously. Be sure to stagger your vacations! By keeping your agency staffed, it will be much easier to grow your revenue during the summer. Plus, agents who take a vacation can enjoy a true break instead of having to juggle work obligations because your agency is short-staffed.

Limit Distractions

It’s easy to get distracted in the summer. People have more on their plates, so it’s harder for them to focus. You can improve focus dramatically by limiting distractions in your office. Distractions come in multiple flavors, from text messages and emails to unorganized work environments. Spend the day clearing away the distractions so your agents can focus on the tasks at hand.

All Work and No Play…

While it’s important to stay on track and to not lose sight of your goals, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fun in the process! Don’t forget to take advantage of the beautiful weather and do something nice for your team and your community. Consider hosting a community barbecue at your office to let your customers, and the community at large, know that you care for them! It’s a great way to connect with your customers and meet some new people, too.

If you follow these tips, your insurance agency can avoid the summer slowdown.