JenesisClassic is more secure than ever, displaying only the last 4 digits of the clients’ social security number. This video tutorial will show you how to adjust the social security number display feature.


JenesisClassic – Setting Social Security Number Permissions

With the latest update, admins can adjust the settings so that only the last four digits of clients’ social security numbers are displayed, making the agents and agencies who use Jenesis Software more secure.

From Utilities in the top menu bar, select User Setup. Ensure that the user name displayed is the account on which you desire to make changes (if not, use the arrows or the search bar in the bottom of the User Setup window).

Select the More Settings & Permissions button located in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, and select the check-box beside Show Last Four of SSN Only.

This selection also prevents the last four digits of a hidden social security number from being changed accidentally.