JenesisClassic now contains links to the login page for Ivans Exchange & Markets, plus instructional videos, directly from your Jenesis dashboard.

Jenesis insurance software for agents was thoughtfully designed to help insurance agents be more efficient, and this updated feature will help agents secure access and policies from the exchange when necessary. We’re so happy to announce that this affordable insurance agency management system from just got better!

This video tutorial will show you a brief overview of how to access Ivans from your JenesisClassic dashboard and when you might use Ivans.

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JenesisClassic – Ivans Exchange & Markets

Notice the new IVANS menu tab at the top of your JenesisClassic dashboard. When selected, you’ll see options for the Ivans Exchange, Ivans Markets, and Instructional Videos for both.

Another way to access the Ivans Exchange and Markets is from the Downloads menu tab at the top and by selecting Start Downloads. A “Download Processing” pop-up box can be displayed where you could select to begin processing personal or commercial lines. Below those boxes, notice the links for the Ivans Exchange and the Ivans Instructional Videos.

Ivans Exchange provides a customizable dashboard where you can see data and analytics on your carriers and download activity. Agents can learn in-depth information about what they’ve been downloading, how to access more information from your insurers, which carriers you’re downloading certain data from, and information about the connections you have.

Ivans Markets allows you to search for and find an insurer who is willing to cover or who might even like to cover certain specific risks. This is useful for unique needs and odd risks you’ve never covered before. Ivans Markets will identify carriers who will be able to help.

If you process a cancellation without entering the correct date, you can manually change the date and reason from the policy detail window.

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