Our newest feature in JenesisClassic – email integration with Gmail and Outlook is now available.

Jenesis insurance software for agents was thoughtfully designed to help insurance agents be more efficient, and this integration feature has been highly requested and is now ready. We’re so happy to announce that this affordable insurance agency management system from jenesissoftware.com just got better!

This video tutorial teaches you how to integrate Outlook email and Gmail messages with your JenesisClassic system.


JenesisClassic – Outlook Integration

To begin using Gmail or Outlook email integration, navigate from your user dashboard to Utilities. Select User Setup.

Inside the User Setup window, notice the space for Gmail and Outlook Credentials on the screen’s right side. Enter your email address and password and choose your provider from the drop-down.

Once complete, you’ll notice the provider’s icon (Gmail or Outlook) at the top – in the video example, you see the Gmail logo.

From inside a customer’s file, first, ensure there is a customer email address included in their customer profile. In the tabs below, the one furthest to the right is the Email tab.

Under this tab, you’ll view all email correspondence (sent and received) between the agency and this customer at the email address on record. From this window, you may select an email message and view or reply.

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