Need to print a form or certificate in JenesisNow?

Jenesis insurance software for agents allows you to print or create prefilled documents from within your client’s policy!

Learn how to create and print certificates in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Forms, Applications & Certificates

How to print forms, applications, and certificates in JenesisNow-

Here are two examples:

You need a certificate on a commercial policy. Beginning at the Main screen, select the client’s name.

From the Client View window, select the policy for which you need to print the certificate. From the Client Policy View, navigate to the tiny icons in the blue bar next to your username, and select the one that looks like a paper (Acord Forms).

From the Acord Forms list, select the “Choose” button next to the Certificate of Liability. The prefilled form will display to the right.

If you don’t have coverages downloaded or entered in manually, it cannot prefill them into the form. (**Tip: Ensure coverages on policies are downloaded or entered prior to when you need to print a certificate.**)

Scroll to the bottom and choose your certificate holder by clicking the “Choose” button next to that holder’s name. Click the orange “Generate PDF” button at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the Go-To Form option that pops up. And you’ll see the certificate with prefilled information. You can select the Print button at the top of the screen or select the Submit button to have the form saved under Acord Forms.

If you need a statement of no loss on a personal policy, from the main dashboard, select the client’s name. From the Client View, choose the policy for which you need the statement (a boat policy in the video). From within the Client Policy View, navigate to Acord Forms.

Use the search option next to “Available Forms” in the Acord Forms section to find what you need. Select the “Choose” button to display the form. Select the policy and the first-named insured and the orange “Generate PDF” button at the bottom.

Again, you can print or submit the form from this screen. If you select Submit, the form is saved in the Acord Forms section in that policy in beneath Saved Forms.

For an application, follow the same steps:
1) select the client name
2) navigate into the policy
3) click Acord Forms
4) find the document in the list
5) select choose to view, print, and save

Notice the indicators in the “Available Forms” section from within the Acord Forms window. Red means none will be prefilled, Blue means partially filled, Green means completely prefilled.

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