Have you been wondering how and where you can attach an image or document in JenesisNow?


JenesisNow – Imaging

Jenesis Now has several options for you to attach media, whether that be logos, certificates, policy documentation, photos, licenses, or contracts.

Using the black, vertical ribbon alongside the left of your Main screen, logos, documents, and photos for the Agency can be attached using the AGY Icon in the Agency – My Agency menu option. If you have licenses or other documentation regarding staff or users, you can add those in the USRS Icon – Users Profile section. Contracts, photos, and other documentation from or for the companies through which you insure can be added in the COMP Icon – Companies section.

Images or documents related to clients or their policies can be added in the Client Policy section.

To attach images or documents to a client’s policy: Beginning from the Client View screen, navigate into the client’s policy. Scroll down until you see the Media/ Files box along the right side of the screen and select the plus sign.

A Media window will appear where you can drag and drop, select a file to upload, or choose scanning options.

An example of each of these methods is demonstrated in this video.

From this window, you can name and save the scanned images as a pdf.

Don’t forget to use tags to create searchable terms for these attached images.


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