Have you been wondering how to do Endorsements in JenesisNow?

Well, Jenesis insurance software for agents has been designed so that adding an endorsement to a policy is easy! This affordable insurance agency management system from jenesissoftware.com is your dream come true!


JenesisNow – Endorsements

Endorsements in JenesisNow can be done a couple different ways, depending upon if you’re getting downloads.

If you do get downloads, from the Main screen, you can search in the upper right corner for the client name.

Navigate to the Client & Policy that you need to endorse. Once in the Client Policy View, select the small icon (looks like a tiny computer screen) next to the Company name. This will open up a new window in the company website where you can log in and complete the endorsement.

*Note of Advice* – Always complete the endorsement on the Company side first. This way, if you forget to add it in Jenesis, at least it’s complete on the company side.

Click the plus sign in the Notes box and notate the changes or new effectiveness & coverage details. Select the Save and Suspense button at the bottom of the Notes window.

A New Suspense window will pop-up where you can create a reminder date (for when the download comes in) and select Save at the bottom. The Suspense note will show up in your Task “To-Do” List.

If you do not get downloads, navigate into the Client page and Policy. From the Client Policy View, you’ll manually add the policy and vehicle information using the plus sign on the Vehicle box.

There are many ways an endorsement can be added manually, that is up to your agency guidelines. If you need to pull information from the company website you can log into that separately. If you need to do an Accord Form, select the small icon at the top of the screen that looks like a paper. From the Accord Form window, you’ll search for the “policy change” key words to find the form.

No matter what, make sure you create a note and a suspense task, so that you have a prompt to check if the declarations page came in, that the website updated, etc.


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Ready for More? Check out the Video on How to Add a Policy in JenesisNow here: https://youtu.be/y_A-PrFkbao