Have you been wondering how to properly set up and use J-Links in JenesisClassic?

Well, Jenesis insurance software for agents has a great J-Link feature you MUST know about! This affordable insurance agency management system from jenesissoftware.com is your dream come true!

This video tutorial teaches you how to setup JLinks, beginning from the Company Setup screen, how to copy credentials across users and locations, and how to double-check if the J-Links are working properly.


JenesisClassic – Setting Up J-Links

Preparation for J-Links:
Begin from the Dashboard screen. From the menu bar across the top, click on Utilities and Company Setup. Company List will appear, where each company name & agency number you’re working with will be listed.

Double-click on any Company Name to navigate to the Setup screen. Within the Company Setup screen, ensure these 5 things are listed:

1) Company Name
2) NAIC Code
3) Location Information (Location, Company Type, and Status)
4) The website you use to access that company
5) Your Agency Number

To Set Up J-Links:

Use the short-cut key code Ctrl+W to open J-Links Setup.

Click in the drop-down menu beneath “Company” to begin. When a company name is selected and all 5 of the above are completed, that information will auto-fill in the columns across the screen.

If you have credentials that are not shared, click any applicable option listed on the blue buttons at the top. There are options to create a copy of this J-Link for all users, a current user, all locations, or a new user.

After creating a copy, select the “Show All Users” button at the bottom of the screen. This will allow you to see the copy that has been created for each staff member. Once each person completes their user name and password in J-Links, this step is complete.

If you have several locations, complete your credentials and then select the “Create a copy of this J-Link for All Locations” button near the top of the screen. Select the “Show All Locations” button at the bottom of the screen to view the J-Link for each numbered location.

If you have shared credentials, from the J-Links setup screen, select the Company Name. Your agency code, web address, etc. is autofilled. Enter your User Name and Password. Select the row you want duplicated and then select one of the blue buttons at the top. In this example, we created a J-Link for all users with a single shared credential, so we clicked “Create a copy of this J-Link for All Users”.

Select the “Show All Users” button at the bottom to view and confirm the new J-Links were created.

If you share credentials for a web login across locations, select the J-Link line you want to duplicate and click the blue button at the top “Create a copy of this J-Link for All Locations”. Confirm the J-Links were created by selecting “Show All Locations” at the bottom.

Sort the list of J-Links in the J-Links Setup screen at any time by clicking on the title of any column.

— Remember, the process is much easier if everything in Company Setup is filled in correctly prior to beginning the J-Link setup process.

To check if J-Links work, select the row to test. Notice the Web Logon button became illuminated. That confirms that company partners with Jenesis regarding J-Links. To see the list of connected companies, select the “Available Companies” button at the bottom of your screen.

You may still use the J-Link feature with a company, even if they aren’t listed. To test those, click on the web address you use to log in. If you’re taken to the log in page of that site, it’s set up correctly. If not, adjust the web address entered into the Company Setup screen.

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