Have you been wondering how to integrate and make the best use of Sprucebooks in combination with JenesisNow?

Well, Jenesis insurance software for agents now has a Sprucebooks integration feature you MUST know about! This affordable insurance agency management system from jenesissoftware.com is your dream come true!

This video tutorial teaches you how to setup and use Sprucebooks to process payments efficiently.

JenesisNow – Sprucebooks

Once you’ve set up a Sprucebooks account separately, call tech support to let them know and so they can create the API and URL keys. The technical support team will enter that information for you, but if you’d like to view it:

Beginning from the JenesisNow dashboard, select Agency and All Locations from the vertical menu on the left side of your screen. An Agency Locations screen with all locations will appear, from which you’ll select the location with which you’re using Sprucebooks.

By selecting that location, the Edit Agency Location screen will appear, on which you’ll see a box entitled “Integrated Accounts” toward the right side. By selecting the Sprucebooks tab and the Edit button, you may view the API key and your password.

To Use Sprucebooks:
From the Dashboard, select a client and a policy. From within the Client Policy View, click the plus sign in the box labeled Receipts. When creating a new receipt in this example, the Payment To drop-down should reflect your agency and the payment is a Credit Card to Agency. Once you complete the Amount Due and Amount Tendered, the blue “Online Credit Card” button becomes available.

After the “Online Card to Agency” is selected, you’ll receive a pop-up prompting you to choose a Sprucebooks account. It may also request you select a default options. Selecting Continue will open up a new Sprucebooks Payments window where your Client’s information should be autofilled. Fill in the credit card and billing information before clicking the Process Payment button at the bottom.

When you receive a confirmation number for the processed payment, copy and paste that in the “Check/Confirmation No” space in the Receipt window in JenesisNow. Select the green Save button in the bottom right. From here, receipts may be emailed or printed, by selecting the desired option’s green button.


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Ready for More? Check out the Video on using the Custom Receipt feature of JenesisNow here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRp1I…


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