Have you been wondering how to integrate and make the best use of Formstack (formerly InsureSign) in combination with JenesisNow?

Jenesis insurance software for agents now has a Formstack integration feature you MUST know about! This video tutorial teaches you how to setup and use Formstack to securely and efficiently obtain signatures on policy documents.


JenesisNow – Formstack

Once an Formstack account is established, from the JenesisNow dashboard, select Agency and All Locations. Select the location with which you want to use Formstack.

From the Edit Agency Location screen, the “Location Options” in the bottom right shows an Formstack Integration. Move the slider to reflect “On” and the Formstack icon will appear in the blue menu bar at the top of your screen.

Formstack can be accessed from anywhere in the main dashboard screen by selecting that squiggly-line icon. An Formstack screen will be displayed, inside which you can upload files, name them, and search/select clients’ names and email addresses, add additional participants or carbon copy, and send.

The Formstack button is visible in the Actions box located in the bottom right of the Client View screen.

That same button is also available in the Actions box from within a specific policy on the Client Policy View screen.

This example begins from the Client Policy View:
Select the Formstack button and click the green “Clients Location” button from the pop-up.

Upload a document and name it (it will not send until named). The names and emails associated with the current client’s account will be auto-populated.

You may add or delete a participant, spouse, and add or delete a cc prior to clicking the green “Send” button at the bottom of the screen. Once sent, the system will open a new tab in your browser and automatically log you into your Formstack account.

Once the document is loaded, you may add a participant or add your own signature using the blue buttons. After the Next button is selected, options for the client’s signature, printed name, initials, and more are displayed in red boxes to the left.

Drag and drop the red field options onto the document where completion is required. Scroll down to add additional fields to pages throughout the document and click the Next button when complete.

The document name and message (editable), an option to password protect, and the client’s email address is displayed in the left column on the screen. Once you’re satisfied with the details, click the Send button.

You’ll be auto-directed back to the Formstack main screen. Select My Documents, where you’ll see the Status of the item shows “Out for Signature”.

When completed by the client, Status will automatically update to “SIGNING_COMPLETE”. Download the file by clicking the drop-down arrow beneath Actions, and select download.

From within the Client Policy View screen in JenesisNow, click the “+” symbol by Media/Files and drag/drop the signed, downloaded document.

We suggest renaming the file.

The signed, saved file should be visible in the Media/Files box on the right side of the Client Policy View screen. Click there to view it at any time.


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