Have you been wondering how to integrate and make the best use of Formstack (formerly InsureSign) in combination with JenesisClassic?

Well, Jenesis insurance software for agents now has a Formstack integration feature you MUST know about! This video tutorial teaches you how to setup and use InsureSign to securely and efficiently obtain signatures on policy documents.


JenesisClassic – InsureSign (Formstack Sign)

To demonstrate how Jenesis Classic integrates with Formstack Sign, we’ll walk through processing signatures on a cancellation form as an example.

Select Forms from the top menu bar, and then a cancellation form. From the pop-up box, click the Formstack button.

Separately, log into Formstack. In the Documents Overview screen, you’ll see the document populate. Select the blue Next button located toward the right on that screen.

Select the “Add Participants” button and complete the name and email of the signee. Then either select the “You Need to Sign” button or Next.
The next step involves dragging signature, date, initials or other fields over to the document to indicate where your customer should sign. Repeat the process for your signature requirements.

Finally, name your document, edit the message if needed, and select the Send button.

From the the Formstack main screen. Select My Documents, where you’ll see the Status of the item shows “Out for Signature” or, if you need to sign it, “Waiting for my signature”.

When completed by the required parties, Status will automatically update to “SIGNING_COMPLETE”. Download the file by clicking the drop-down arrow beneath Actions, and select download.

From within the Client Policy screen in JenesisClassic, click the Policy Images button toward the bottom of the screen.

A window for J-Images will appear where, under category, you’ll select “Cancellation Request” (because that’s what we just processed as an example, in the future, you’ll select the applicable file name for your policy). Select the “Import Formstack Images” button and follow the prompts to save the downloaded, signed document from your computer into J-Images.


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