We’re happy to introduce you to one of our favorite features of Jenesis Classic, the Clients Last Viewed list.

Jenesis insurance software for agents is full of quick and easy options to make insurance agents’ days run more smoothly. The list of most recently viewed clients lets agents pick up easily where they left off without racking their brains to remember where they left off. This affordable insurance agency management system from jenesissoftware.com is your dream come true!

This video tutorial teaches you how navigate from a clients’ policy to the home screen, and back again – easily and quickly.


JenesisClassic – Clients Last Viewed

From the Jenesis Main Screen, notice the box near the left-center of the screen that says “Clients Last”. You’ll see a list of client names populated within the white portion of the box.

Based on the number of hours noted at the top, immediately next to “Clients Last”, this list will display client names whose files have been accessed within that time period. The video example begins with the time period set at 24 hours.

As demonstrated, this feature is most useful when, in the middle of another task, someone calls to ask a question or complete a transaction. No matter what you were doing, you can easily use the short key Ctrl+M to navigate to the home screen (Dashboard) and complete the task at hand with the caller.

Then, simply double-click on the client’s name (listed in the “Clients Last” column) to re-enter the file on which you were working before the phone rang.

The list of clients last viewed historical hours can be adjusted to your preference by clicking on the number of hours in the blue headline portion of the box and typing in the hours that you prefer.

Hint: There are 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, and 672 in a month.

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