J-Links are an excellent feature, but now they’re more admin-friendly!

Using the new J-Link notes column, administrative staff can easily communicate about errors with non-working J-Links & problems logging in.


JenesisClassic J-Link Notes

Beginning from the Jenesis Main Screen Dashboard, use the shortcut, Ctrl +W to go to J Links.

Notice the new Notes field. This is intended for use by admin to communicate to the user about issues with non-working J-Links.

As an example, the admin has made several notes for the user to correct non-working J-Links. Issues such as missing passwords, invalid credentials, and login details can be easily communicated using the notes column adjacent to the site address column in the video.

This new feature, J-Link Notes, makes it easy for the admin setting up an account to communicate about broken or non-working J-Links, and makes it easy for the user to see what needs to be corrected.


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