Have you been wondering how to request downloads from Progressive?

This quick video provides instructions on agent master codes, agency codes, pins, and other details you’ll need to gather, plus the websites to visit and the phone numbers to call in order to request a Progressive Insurance product/ policy download.



JenesisClassic Progressive Download Setup

To obtain a download form Progressive, first you’ll need to log in at www.foragentsonly.com

From the blue menu bar at the top, select Manage Policies, and Policy Download.
Out of the two options provided, select the Policy Download Plus.

Prior to calling Progressive, have the following ready:
1) Agent Download Master code + any sub-codes
2) Agency Code & Password
3) The Agent Management System Vendor (Jenesis)
4) Agent Management System Product (either JenesisClassic or JenesisNow)
5) Agent PIN (obtained from agency manager/owner)
6) Your Unique Computer Name (“Steve’s Computer”)
7) Name of the drive/folder where the downloads will be sent
8) Products you want included in the download

After collecting these requirements, call the (Progressive) agent help desk at 1-800-695-4050

You’ll receive assistance initiating the download during the call. You may also be able to schedule an automatic download (we recommend after hours or overnight) of the Progressive policies and products so that your system or bandwidth is not usurped during business hours.

If you have further questions about requesting downloads from Progressive, we’re here to help! (contact info below)


Feel free to contact us with any questions …
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• Call 828-245-1171 Option 1

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