Have you ever wished you could integrate Gmail with JenesisClassic?

Well, now you can! This quick video shows you how to set up JenesisClassic to pull in your Gmail messages and make your client communication even easier!


JenesisClassic Gmail Integration

Gmail is now easily integrated into the JenesisClassic system. When you log in, you’ll likely notice the new Gmail Icon at the top of your Dashboard.

If you initially click on the Gmail icon, it will notify you that you have not integrated your Gmail account yet. But don’t worry, it’s easy to do!

To get started with the integration process, either select Utilities from the tabs at the top of the page and select User Setup or use the keyboard hotkey Ctrl+U to bring up the User Setup Screen.

Notice the Email Credentials area in the top, right corner of the User Setup screen, Enter your Gmail Credentials (email address and password) for the user account.

Click the Close button in the bottom, left of the User Setup screen to exit back to the main Dashboard. At this time, select the Gmail icon in the top right of the Dashboard screen and follow the prompts to adjust settings within your Gmail account to allow the integration.

Once that step is complete, All Mail will load. Each time the Gmail account is selected, use the menu located in the top right of the JenesisGmail – Main screen to choose Inbox instead of All Mail.

From here, view and reply to Gmail messages from within the Jenesis system. View each message simply by clicking on the subject line.

Options include Forward, Reply, Reply All, and Delete.

To add an email address in the To or Cc box, type the email address and click the “+” button to the right of the box.

In this example, we’re replying to Amy by typing a message at the top of the message window and clicking the Send button in the bottom right. A notification box will pop-up with a message that the email was, in fact, sent. Click OK.

Select the “Sent Mail” option from the display menu on the left side of the JenesisGmail – Main screen and confirm that the sent message appears there.

We suggest minimizing the JenesisGmail screen and leaving it open, so you don’t have to wait for all your messages to load each time throughout the day you want to check your email.


One more cool feature you definitely want to know about is the additional integration/email available from within the Client Main screen.

Select a client name from the Client List on your Dashboard. From the Client Main Screen, notice the new “Email” tab in the center of the screen.

When a client email address is entered, every message that has been sent to this email address populates in this tab.

This is especially useful if your whole office uses Gmail because messages from all users will show in this section. You can even View and Reply from within this Email tab at your convenience!


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