Are you a note-taker? Maybe you like to keep a record of certain conversations or things needed for or by your client?

JenesisNow’s Notes option is like having a searchable notepad available per client.


Entering and Reviewing Notes in JenesisNow

To add or view Notes in the system on a particular client, access the Notes category from the main Client View screen.

To add a note, click on the plus sign. Clicking the “Mark Critical” checkbox will ensure that note remains at the top of the list in the Notes box in Client View.

From the Client View, in the Notes category, adjust how many notes you would like to see at once using the drop-down box. In this example, it’s set to “Show 25 Entries”.

Double click on a note to have it pop up. Add to the record (expand on the topic or relay information that a problem was resolved) from this Note window. Notice at the top of the Note pop-up window, the user who entered the note and the date on which it was entered is displayed.

Make critical or remove from critical status using the checkbox in this pop-up as well.

Notice the Notes category box contains a search bar. Notes can be searched for a particular term, name, or subject. In this video, notice after typing “email” in the search bar, the Notes category box displayed three notes containing the word email.


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