Have you been wishing there was a spot where you could see all your client’s important information at once?

JenesisNow’s Client View provides a single location with comprehensive information about your client that’s easy to access and simple to navigate.


Client Main Screen Basics

This video shows how to easily access and navigate the client’s personal information in the Client View of JenesisNow.

This includes the people in the household, their policies, their address, their status, referral status, business name, their housing status, add notes and comments, a merge option, expenses, j-mails, files you’ve attached to this client, and a list of receipts.

A list of people in the household is under People in the top left. In this box, you should see the insured listed. Spouse and children’s information should be here.

Below this, under Policies, you’ll notice the client’s auto and homeowners’ policies are listed. This includes brief details about the policies such as the company, policy number, billing date, and due dates.

The “Info” box contains referral information, the client’s business name and type if they have one, and whether they own or rent their home. Helpful information about when they moved into their home and any notes about the client should be located in this section.

The Client Merge box is available and notifies you if the system thinks this client already exists. Clicking the Merge Client button integrates the two profiles into one.

The Suspense category displays the reminders you’ve set for this client.

Below this, is a section where any J-Mails (internal Jenesis emails) are easily accessible.

Your Media / Files category in this client view contains any scanned in or attached documents that you’ve used pertaining to this client. Maybe this is a drivers’ license copy or a picture of their property.

The Actions box contains an option button to click for premium financing, and then, at the bottom, the “Receipts” box shows any receipts confirming a transaction for this client.

**User tips**
1) You can rearrange the category boxes of information by simply clicking on the cross symbol in front of the title, and dragging them to a more ideal location. If you rearrange the boxes, remember to save by clicking the green button at the top of the page.

2) Additional information can be added into any of the category boxes shown on the screen only by clicking the little plus sign in the top right corner of the blue box.


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