Have you ever been frustrated entering the same information over and over to get multiple auto quotes for your clients?

JenesisClassic provides a time-saving feature for getting rates from multiple companies for your auto quotes in North Carolina. Using our comparative rater, enter the information only one time from quote to policy!


NC Auto Rating in JenesisClassic Quote Control – Instructions below:

This video will show you how to easily and quickly obtain multiple rate quotes and convert the accepted quote into a policy, all while only having to enter the potential client’s information one time.

We begin with the Quote Control screen in JenesisClassic. All information for this potential client has been entered and we’re ready to shop rates and create a quote using the comparative rater.

From the Quote Menu at the top of the page, select Rating. You can ensure the companies you primarily use are listed in this menu by checking the box on the Quote Control tab in Agency Setup.

We’re selecting Get NC Auto Rates. Next, follow the prompts through all underwriting questions, terms, and agreements. Double-check the questions and options have been answered correctly in the following popup windows and select Continue, Agree, etc. Once all prompts have been agreed to, the system will automatically obtain rates.

Notice the system lets us know about any issues. There is one error as an example, usually indicating a bad username/ password. Observe the error description box at the bottom of the Company Rates window. This simply explains the necessary corrections.

Select the rate(s) you want to quote to the potential customer and select “Apply to Store Rates”. A popup entitled “Quote Group Table Updated” will confirm your choice, click Ok.
Select Close when you’re finished selecting the best rates.

Return to the Quote Control screen, select the Stored Rates button at the bottom. The quotes you selected are now listed. Select the rate you want to quote the potential customer, choose the “Import the Stored Rate” button to the right. The system will automatically include stored payment information and policy fees, per the next few prompts.

The quote is ready to be offered to the potential client using the email or text options as shown. When accepted, select the “Export to Jenesis” button at the bottom of the screen.

This is one example of how the JenesisClassic system streamlines your agency, in this case, by entering the information one time and rating it through several different companies using our comparative rater. Additional companies being added to the rater soon!


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