Have you thought about using the J-Mail feature in JenesisNow? Do you know what J-Mail is?

This quick video provides you a useful overview of J-Mails.

Jenesis Software, an insurance agency management system, helps Insurance Agents to efficiently manage personal and commercial clients, by keeping pertinent agency and coverage information in an organized, easy to edit and use software.

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How to use J-Mails in JenesisNow

J-Mail is yet another way the Jenesis team has made insurance agency management easy.

This internal email message system is perfect for sending co-workers and clients messages from within JenesisNow, since you can easily reference clients, policies, and more directly from the program.

In the dark blue ribbon at the top of your main screen, notice the envelope icon. When the mouse hovers over it, the J-Mail label is displayed.

Click on that icon to enter the J-Mail management window, where you’ll notice the Inbox, Sent folder, and other items.

The Compose button is located in the top left, above the Inbox label.

When composing a J-Mail, use the drop down and auto-fill features in the blank boxes to make referencing the client, their insurance policy, and the internal contact simple. You have the option to send, cancel, or save any email message created from this window.

Messages can be stored in the sent box or archived using the folders within the J-Mail window.

J-Mails can also be sent directly to the client from the Client View screen or Client Policy view.

To send a J-Mail from the Client View screen, click the + at the top of the J-Mail box on the right side of the screen. A “Compose new J-Mail” box will pop up, in which the client is already referenced. Just select the policy and create the other details of your message. Don’t forget to choose Send or Save below your message.

To send a J-Mail from within the insurance policy, select the policy about which you’d like to communicate and select the + from the J-Mail box on the right side of the screen. Compose and send your message.

J-Mail sent history is maintained within JenesisNow and client-related items are stored in connection with that client account.

View the J-Mail communication history in the Client View under the J-Mail box located on the right side of the screen. Any message can be selected and the communication can be viewed. All J-Mail messages are retained in the client file for quick access and ease of organization.

No more copying and pasting client names, client emails, or policy information to draft a message to them through an outside service. This insurance software for agents with the use of J-Mail makes it easy to retain confidentiality and communicate well with co-workers and clients.


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