This tutorial walks you through the steps of showing you how to add, delete, or assign J-Links for Discovery Insurance Company.


How to make sure your Jenesis Agency Management system is set up properly to use your Discovery Rater and for Discovery J Links.

From your Jenesis Main Screen, when you’re in your Agency Management System dashboard, navigate to your J-Links by pressing “Ctrl+W”.

You may notice that the J-Link is there but that the user’s name is blank.

There’s a simple solution to this…

First, you just want to make sure that you have chosen Discovery from the drop-down list beneath “Company”.

Second, you want to select “Create a copy of this J-Link for All Users” (notice the button at the top of the page).

When you select Yes, in the pop-up window, this creates a copy of this J- Link for this location for all users.

If you have multiple locations, you want to repeat these steps for each location.

You’ll notice the new line added to this page.

The original blank one can be deleted or assigned to another user.

To check if it’s working properly, you’ll want to go into your Rater. Select Rating from the menu, and then Discovery from the drop-down options.

As long as the Discovery Insurance Company window pops up, it’s working and connected properly.

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