You have a new carrier & coverage to offer in your agency, but how do you set them up in your JenesisNow system?


JenesisNow – Company Setup

From the JenesisNow dashboard once you log in, select the “hamburger” menu indicator in the top left corner to reveal the vertical menu on the left.

Select Companies, New Company. Once inside the Editing Company screen, complete the information. If your carrier has a Parent Company, make sure you’ve entered that information first so that you can choose it from the drop-down menu.

Enter the correct website and producer code information so that you can link properly to the carrier’s site. Complete the carrier’s address.

Enter loss ratio, commission details, and other details you have about the carrier in the Notes section.

Save a copy of your contract from your carrier, and any revisions to it, in the Media/Files section.

In the section entitled People, save your sales rep’s contact info and any other useful contacts you have with the carrier company.

Beneath Download Configs, you have the option to edit characters in the policy number from when it’s imported versus how it’s displayed in your system.

Merge Company is for if/when your carrier purchases another and you need to merge the companies in your system.

Copy Company is for users with multiple agency locations and allows you to copy a completed company profile to your other service locations.


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