Paper Files vs Imaging – any agency who has made this transition will never ever go back. There are never ever any second thoughts once it’s done. Are you still storing paper files?

5 things to consider (we can think of more, but thought 5 might be a good number).

Paper File System

File Imaging System

Pulling a file

If it’s current and not in storage, you can pull it from the cabinet as long as it’s been filed in the right place and no one already has it. If in the right place, it should only take a few minutes. You may pull up the customer and if a document is needed, pull it up, even if someone else was working on it and no matter how old it is if it’s imaged. This should take a few seconds.

You need to get a
document to a customer fast

Take a few minutes (see above) to pull file. As long as the document was not misfiled, you may either make a copy and mail it or fax it to them if they have a fax number. You might have to send it overnight. This will take another few minutes and will cost a bit more. Pull up the customer and the document and email it to the customer. You may also still print and send the old fashion way or you could efax it. If emailed, you’ll be done in around a minute.

You want to be sure your
customer is protected.

This is hard to do with a paper file. It can be pulled by anyone. Files being worked on are on desks and important documents are “available” for anyone with access to the office area. Easier to loose documents that fall out of the file. As long as your system is protected, your documents should be as well. In addition, there are fewer documents available on desks and no filing cabinets needed to store these documents. Fewer people have access.

Disaster Recovery

Hopefully, the files are not destroyed that you maintain on site. Agents who image also understand the importance of a good backup system. In the event of a disaster, they recover all files quickly and are able to focus on other immediate issues.

Supplies, making files,
where your files are stored

Whether you have a slick filing system or a simple one, you are ordering file folders regularly and making files probably daily. These are then placed in the big filing cabinet system you have at the back of your agency. How much do you spend on your filing system? How much time do you spend filing, pulling, and archiving? Millions of documents can be stored at the click of a button and at a cost of around $100 (for the hard drive space). The office is organized, spacious and efficient. It really is cheap and easy. Scanners are inexpensive these days too.