How do I use Suspenses in JenesisNow?

How to use Suspenses in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Suspenses and How to Use Them

Use the vertical menu on the left side to select New Suspense. Complete the New Suspense box to the extent possible.

You can select the Critical box to increase urgency, enter the date, a reminder date, a note, and who the senders and receivers are of this suspense item. This is helpful if you’re delegating and assigning tasks to others.

Navigate to Suspenses using the vertical menu again to view all suspenses in a list view. Use the toggle options near each column title to sort, and the Filter box to the right to narrow what is displayed.

From within this list, users can click on and edit suspense items, mark them complete, etc.

Add a card to your dashboard by clicking the large plus sign, selecting Suspenses from the pop-up, and then adjusting the filter settings to 5 days, and the user name. Save.

You can also add suspenses to someone (delegating work) from a Client level or a Policy level. This makes it efficient for the user to click straight into the policy from the suspense assignment item and take care of business!

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