How do I Add Companies & Coverage in JenesisNow?

How to add your companies or your carries in JenesisNow.

JenesisNow – Adding Companies

First, go over to the left and click on the 3 lines and you’ll notice a list of options. Select Companies then choose New Company. Editing Company view will appear. Under Company Info, you’ll start typing the companies name in the Name Field and notice a dropdown which you’ll see a list of companies. After choosing the company, it will automatically populate the NAIC code. Next, you’ll enter in your Agency/Producer Code. If you know your FS-1 code, fill the field in.

The Website field is important. This is where you’ll enter the website that you as the agency log into for that particular company.

If you plan on downloading with this carrier, you’ll need to scroll down to Download Configurations to set up the downloads.

Scroll back to the top and locate Addresses. For this field, you will enter the address for a company both mailing and physical. Now select the green button at the top Save Company. Once you save, it will open up the rest of your cards.

Under People, select the Plus sign (+), a window will appear to add your territory sales rep and all the information associated with this rep. Now select Save to exit.

If for some reason you have a duplicate of the same company, go to Merge Company, select the dropdown, select the company, then click Merge Company.

Commissions tells the system what you’re paid by this carrier. By clicking (+), a Commission window appears. Select your policy type and input your New and Renewal percentages. Save to exit! Multiple commission types are possible. Top-right, click Save Company.

Media/Files are for the contracts you have with this carrier and need a digital file, select the Plus Sign (+) and the Media window will appear. You can drag/drop a file, select from your device or scan directly.

Commissions tell the system what you’re getting paid commission from this carrier. By selecting the Plus Sign (+), a window will appear titled Commission. Use the drop down to select your policy type and enter in both your New Percentage and Renewal Percentage. Then select Save to exit! Also, you can have multiple commission types. Now select Save Company located at the top.


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