How do I Set up the Client Portal in JenesisNow?

How to set up a Client Portal using your JeneisNow System

JenesisNow -Setting up the Client Portal

How to set up a Client Portal using your JeneisNow system.

First, you’ll need to tell us you’d like to have access to the Client Portal. Once you’ve done this, we’ll activate it in your system and the options will become visible on your end.

Once activated, from the homepage, go to the left-hand menu to Agency (AGY) and select All Locations.

Go into the location for which you’d like to give access. Now scroll down and located to the right under Location Options, there will be two options:

Portal ID Card- this allows your customers to generate an ID card from the Client Portal. Turn the On/Off option On

Portal Certificate Generation- This will allow your customers to generate a certificate from the Client portal. Turn the On/Off option On

Located in the top right, there’s a green button Save Location to save, select save.

Next, go to the left-hand menu under Users (USRS), and select all Users.

Go into the user’s account, and scroll down. Notice Client Portal, select Portal Account. A window will appear titled: Create JenesisNow User Portal Account. By selecting the blue finger located next to Email Address, select it and the email address will generate. Next, create a password, then select the Save button.

Now you’re all set up to begin assigning your client’s portal account.

Return to the home page, and navigate to your Customer Account by selecting their name under Last Viewed Clients.

Notice Portal Settings in client view. Select Portal Settings. A window will appear, select the blue finger to generate an email address and create a password. Select Save.

Once you’ve saved, you’re ready to share the URL listed under Client Portal URL with your customer to access their client portal.

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