How do I process daily downloads with JenesisNow?

How to process your daily downloads with JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Processing Downloads

You can access your downloads in two different ways – either from the dashboard card (if you’ve added it to your desktop) or from the menu on the left side by clicking Downloads.

Both will take you to the Company Downloads screen. Downloads appear in the Download File List section once uploaded to JenesisNow. IVANS downloads populate automatically while manual uploads can be made by dragging and dropping files in the Manually Upload File section on the upper right side of the Company Downloads screen.

As each file is uploaded, the system displays a Get, Process, Repair, and Delete button next to the new file. Select process to automatically update the related policy.

If the system does not know what to do with a file for any reason, it will appear below in the Policy Job List.

Jenesis automatically tries to match the Company Name, NAIC, and Agency Code. If those match, the next set of data attempted in each file are the Client Name, Policy Type, and Policy Number. If all these match, the file will process smoothly and you will not see the item in the Policy Job List.

The first thing you want to look for in the Policy Job List is the button referring to database syncs at the top, right of the Policy Job List. That button reflects that you’ve received the first copy of a policy. Process these first by clicking that button.

Items listed may:

  • Match a similar client name but not the policy number
  • Not have a name match

As an example in the video, we search for Jack Francis to ensure the policy listed belongs to that client. Sometimes you may have multiple clients of similar names, locations, etc.

If you cannot find a client name in your system for the download item, it may be for a new policy/client.

Sometimes an existing customer needs a policy added to their existing policy list.

Occasionally, you may notice the Add Company button next to the NAIC code. This indicates that company is not in your system. Click the button to process the file.

Each time, search for the client name, customer business, policy number, or company name while you’re still getting to know your agency and Jenesis Now.

More on how to set up a folder for manual downloads on your desktop, like with Team-Up in this video:

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