How do I assign default coverage values for policies in JenesisNow?

This video tutorial will teach you how to assign default coverage values for policies in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – State Preferences & Coverage Options

From the Dashboard, use the vertical menu on the left to select Agency, My Agency to navigate to the Agency Edit window.

Note: The states in which your agency does business are the only states to which you’ll be able to add default coverages and policies.

Select the Edit Coverage Options button below the state list. From the State Preferences and Coverage Options screen, select the state you want to edit.

In this example, we select Personal Auto and press the View Coverages button.

Policy level and vehicle level coverages will list with liability limits, PIP values, medical payment amounts, and various default coverage options from which you can choose.

You can add any value you provide, delete options you don’t, drag options into a preferred order. These are the options you’ll see when adding a new policy and selecting coverage values.

When the checkboxes are selected as Default, those fields automatically display when creating a new policy. If the default box for an item is unchecked, you can still add the coverage to the policy manually.

If, for example, you do not have default coverages assigned to a particular policy option, the line will not provide a dropdown for agents, requiring them to manually type coverage values in the box.

When adding a personal property policy, such as a homeowners policy, coverages may be hard-coded for medical payments and personal liability, while other coverages may be based on the percentage of the dwelling amount. When you complete the dwelling amount, the percentage-based items will auto-fill.

Assigning default values to coverage options prevents agents from making mistakes, attempting to create policies outside of what your agency provides, and makes setting up new policies a breeze.

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