How do I display a Sales Pipeline in JenesisNow?

How to Display Your Sales Pipeline in JenesisNow.


JenesisNow – Adding A Sales Pipeline

How to set up your sales pipeline inside JenesisNow, allowing you to follow prospects through until they’re clients.

First, from the main screen, click the large plus sign to add a card.

Click Client card and adjust the filter to reflect only prospects, put your name in the producer space, and adjust the number of prospects you want to see. Select 50, for example, so you can see all prospects and save. In this example, I change the card title to Prospects.

Next, add another card to your main screen and select Quotes. In the filter settings, select “Pending Quote” next to Status, “Policies Where I’m the User or Producer” next to Policy Owner, and adjust the number to show 50. Hit Save.

From the main screen, rename the card to what resonates best with you. In this example, we rename the card Pending Quotes.

For my third card, I select Quotes again and in the Quotes Filter, I select Quoted, Policies where I’m the User or Producer, and Last 60 Days as the Effective Date Range. This will help me see the activity within the past 60 days.

Now, I’ll change the title to Quoted.

The pipeline is set up and ready for you to begin adding prospects. Make sure when you’re entering a client’s information, that you also fill in your name as the Producer on the quote. If you don’t put your name in the Producer role, the quote won’t show up in the cards you just added to your mainscreen.

When you enter the quote, ensure the Policy Status reflects Pending Quote so that it continues to show in your cards.

After you’ve provided the price to the customer, remember to change the Policy Status to Quoted so that it moves over to your Quoted card successfully.

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